An Experiment without a voicE

June 2016

Five people gather in a room to tell a story. The only problem? None of them can speak...

A clockwork girl. A youthful explorer. A scientist. A mother. A child. Against the backdrop of a steampunk world filled with strange contraptions and epic journeys, this is the story of how two families collide with tragic results.

Using movement, dance and acrobalance, relationships are formed, destroyed, and saved. Humans turn into machines, and machines are found to be more human than they first appear. Parents do everything they can to save their children... but are their methods always worth the outcome?

In June 2016, we gathered to create an entirely new play. We gave ourselves one rule - there would be no speech.  Over ten days, using music for inspiration, the ensemble cast developed a highly physical and often moving story of parenthood, friendship and the cost of staying alive against all odds. We arrived at a piece of theatre unlike anything any of us had done before, sitting at a crossroads between theatre, dance and circus. It is a process we intend to use again.

Director: Alice Langley

Acrobalance Consultants: Kate McWilliam & Francesca Calder

Lighting: Paddy Hepplewhite


Olivia Stevenson

Tierney Nolen

Zoë Bullock

Kat Haan

Rachel Schmeling