Alice has been directing for six years, working on many and varied productions from Shakespeare to speechless theatre. Every new project is the chance for a new adventure and another exploration. Alice works collaboratively with her casts and creating team, finding honesty and truthfulness through play within rehearsals.




Zoë is an actor and writer. She has worked on a variety of projects in different capacities, from creating intimate theatre with only a few audience members, to performing in a Shakespearean tour to Tokyo. Zoë enjoys exploring different and exciting ways of working, and always has her ears pricked for new stories to tell.


Gabriella Sloss


Gabriella is a writer, and our marketing guru. She is keen to explore new ways of working, and her passions lie in exploring themes such as sexuality, trans-humanism, existentialism, and obsession. The cheeriest of our three co-founders, she is constantly trying to figure out whether the horror genre could ever truly terrify an audience on the stage. 
Gabriella also comes with three years of professional marketing experience, and has worked for both non-profit and media organisations including The Guardian.