The Gunning Sisters

May 2016

The whole world is still mad about the Gunning sisters.

Mariah and Elizabeth Gunning came to London from humble beginnings in Ireland, and quickly rose to fame, making their debut dressed as Lady Macbeth and Juliet.
Adored by the gentry, worshipped by the masses, and vilified by the press, the Gunning sisters were the stars of eighteenth-century London. Though largely forgotten today, their story encapsulates our modern obsession with celebrity and images of perfection.
This all-female devised production re-imagined the lives behind the fairy tale, using stylised storytelling to explore the rise and fall of these two famous women.

Devised by the company and brought together by Gabriella, the first half of this brand new production had its opening performance at Sloan's in Glasgow at the beginning of May. In it, we explored modern obsessions with beauty and image through the historic lens of Mariah Gunning's life, and her early death from lead-based make-up poisoning. Despite the serious and often moving subject nature, this feminist piece used humour, cross-dressing and physical performance to bring her story to life. The second half is on its way...

Director: Alice Langley

Writer: Gabriella Sloss

Original Cast:

Hannah Parker

Amelia Noble

Samantha McLoughlin

Zoë Bullock

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