The Voiceless

March 2017

After the success of  An Experiment Without a Voice, we developed and staged a new speechless production, The Voiceless, at The Space in east London. Five characters adrift in loneliness searched for human connection in a virtual world. Using improvisation and acrobalance, we explored how people build and destroy relationships with each other and with the world around them.

For this production, we developed a method of integrating improvised physical performance with a semi-improvised musical score involving live digital composition, and improvised lighting. No single element led the performance, but instead they each fed off each other, taking the piece as a whole in new and often unexpected directions each night.

Director: Alice Langley

Acrobalance Consultant: Francesca Calder

Composer: Samuel Beagles

Lighting Designer: Perttu Lähdesmäki

Marketing: Gabriella Sloss

Co-Producers: Alice Langley, Zoë Bullock, Gabriella Sloss


Anna Smeaton

Sam Stopford

Rachel McMurray

Zoë Bullock

Jessica Phillippi